Warren warbrick


A Glimpse Inside the World of Warren Warbrick

Warren Warbrick

Warren Warbrick

One of the main opportunities presented by our second Mahuki experience was meeting the notorious Warren Warbrick.

Warren is best known for his involvement in reviving the Māori wind instruments. He has been making instruments from the age of 13!

After our encounter, we can honestly say that if there was a master in the field of making Taonga Puoro (Māori musical instruments), we've just found him!

Our journey with Warren started before meeting him, through the words of Te Papa’s staff members who recommended us to make contact with Mr Warbrick.

We travelled to Palmerston North where we came face to face with Warren and his charming wife, Virginia. Not only was he an inspiration to be around, but the stories about his world were inspiring and truly engaging.

We are very thankful for the chance to capture some of Warren's processes and we look forward to working with him again, as well as to sharing this experience with our audience.

You can find more information about Warren here.

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