Enterprise solutions

Connect to and explore Big Data.


We believe that every experience should be different and for our enterprise customers we push the boundaries of what's possible in forming a human connection using Virtual Reality.


Data visualization

Explore complex problems to allow insight and understanding through engagement with Big Data.

Grow User base

Grow your user-base by developing consumer-facing content for special-interest audiences.



Reliable content

Our content is delivered via industry standard Amazon S3 servers providing fast and reliable access to your content from anywhere in the world.

When streaming isn't an option, we embed our content onto the devices to give you access from anywhere.



Turnkey solutions for customised experiences.

Making sure that your message is clear and UI/UX designs allow for easy navigation.


We can assist your company or organisations to take control and generate content for the organisation.



Analytic Insight

Knowing more about your community and customer can be vital in a data driven economy.

We provide insight via Google Analytics and custom API's to make sense of how your audience enjoy your content.