Cultural Festival In Marlborough


Marlborough Museum and the Cultural Festival


Museums devotees and VR aficionados can gather and celebrate together the amazing breakthroughs in virtual reality that are about to change the future of museums.

And this is not the only good news we have! Not only did our first article appear in, but we are excited to announce that, on the 1st of November, we will be at the Marlborough Museum in order to present IWTE to the companies and organizations from within the region.

Introducing the Future of Museum Heritage

Thanks to Steve Austin, the Marlborough Heritage Trust executive, who took the necessary steps, the 1st of November will be a full and exciting day for our team.

We will host four presentation sessions, covering interesting topics such as the state of virtual reality, the manner VR is being used today, the projected market size, and, of course, our product.

VR enthusiasts and curious minds who are in the area at the beginning of November are invited to stop by and learn about how we see virtual reality and how it will be changing the landscape of the cultural space.