Our Explorers

For those who like to wonder..


One of life's great pleasure is to spend time listening to someone telling us about the thing that they are most passionate about.

learn from THE source

We invite you to come and explore an online universe of interconnected experiences where you can explore a world of experts in any subject or domain using virtual reality.

Whether it's going behind the scenes into an artists workshop or story that's almost lost to the world. 

We've capture these experiences all for you to experience and using virtual reality, you'll be side by side these hard to reach individuals.



Connected experiences

An online universe of interconnected experiences, a curated family friendly ecosystem filled with evergreen content where you can experience the worlds of artists, explorers and creators.

It's an interactive world where you choose the way the narrative unfolds.



Supported Hardware

Our application runs on mobile devices like google cardboard, Gear VR, pico goblin, or desktop hardware like HTC Vive and Oculus.