We present at emerging tech talk in Wellington


Emerging Tech Presentation in Wellington


The Emerging Tech Talk in Wellington gave our team the great opportunity to present VR to government and non-government uses of emerging technology. We aimed to stretch our listeners’ minds by emphasizing on the grand possibilities for service delivery.

Virtual Reality – A Beneficial Tool for Almost Every Sector

Our presentation covered the main uses in the enterprise sector, highlighting the manners VR can benefit organizations with internal training while marketing their point of difference. Among the pluses, we drew attention to the ways an organization can share their work environment with potential candidates, by using VR as a recruitment tool.

Using VR to Bridge Cultures and Create Empathy

During the presentation, we exposed our views in forming a human connection using virtual reality and we revealed one of our main focuses: using VR in ways that can benefit a broader scope of institutions to preserve culture.

We insisted on how VR can create a meaningful connection on account of intimacy and empathy. Looking through someone else’s eyes can make people feel connected, and, even if brief, this connection will never be lost. With its immense power, not only can VR be an effective tool to bridge cultures, but it is often thought of as the ultimate empathy machine.

We are extremely thankful to Nadia Webster for arranging the series of talks and we look forward to working with the organizations that reached out to us that day.

Brian Goodwintalks, VR