Preserve And Share Culture

Remove the distance that separates us.


Where empathy is critical for truly understanding another person's perspective, placing the viewer in the world of the speaker can provide a tangibly more meaningful communication.


Remove the distance that separates us

A passionate expert taking you on a journey through their world, where our audience can connect with the content on a deeper level from the comfort of their home using Virtual Reality.


Bridging cultures through storytelling

We focus on direct, to-camera conversations between a contributor and a viewer within a setting where the contributor is most comfortable. 

This intimate, personal experience is very powerful for forming an empathetic connection between the contributor and the viewer.  


EMERGING Technology

Our goal is to immerse our audience into distant cultures as we believe that this fresh technology can be used to both preserve and share who we are to all ages.

No other medium offers this level of authenticity into someone else's world; where true understanding comes from a first-had account from the person and their environment.


If you'd like to tell your communities story using Virtual Reality