OUR FOCUS IS ON using THE ABSOLUTE BEST METHOD for sharing human stories in a way that feels as close as possible to being in the room.


A new medium is born

Virtual Reality is a fresh medium and not only can we tell new kinds of stories but we can engage with content in ways that traditional media can't.

As with every new medium, it comes with its own challenges and we provide creative and technical assistance to our community of creators in ways to enfuse what they do so they can share what they love with the world using this exciting medium.


online authoring of content

At the heart of creativity is sharing and we make that easy for you by providing easy to use software to allow you to take control of the creative process and easily share your content with your community.

A simple online authoring solution to empower you to create Virtual Reality content.



We provide a channel to access your community who follow your content.

As your online ecosystem grows, we provide ways to increase engagement and continually explore how we can share what you have to offer.